Saturday, August 15, 2015

"Sometimes I Look Up At The Moon At Night and think 'Everything's Gonna Be Alright' And It Brings Me Peace...." - Shelden K Anderson

This is my son Shelden Anderson and a while back, he told me in my duress, to look up at the moon and say to myself "...

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Hello and welcome to!

I started this site last year with the hope and intent of it being a place of peace and happiness to all those who visit. I am a very awakened soul to the higher conscious evolution of universal humanity and welcome all faiths and walks of life.

I grew up LDS and still live by a lot of the beliefs in the value system of it as foundation for living a better life. My overall belief is that whatever a person chooses to believe about themselves and spiritual growth and just overall believe in being the best people we can be & overall helping others, is truly what its all about...

So this blog will be for that and hopefully you will be able to find some peace and happiness for yourself in this site. I personally know from my own journey in life and have developed some firm strength and convictions in some things. People who know me, know that I'm a strong warrior because a lot of what I have been through in life really, a lot of people would have been destroyed by - would have not been able to do it.

I tell you how I do - God had a different idea for me - to make me a stronger, better, wiser person for it so that I could help others. He never meant for me to crumble and stay knocked down, he meant for me to get up, rise up, and show up and be of service, so that I will be... and sometimes, I really don't want to anymore than anyone else but God says, nope - get up and put your big girl pants on and do it anyways.... Well ok.... didn't take much to convince me.

Life can be so hard sometimes. You've gotta stay calm and be positive! I also know how that positivity can manifest your spiritual abundance and make you better for it, and more successful in all areas of life.

In fact, I know that to be so true that I put together a sleep hypnosis meditation on youtube last week that helps with this - manifesting true prosperity, its not about wealth - it is about GOD, it truly is....

Anyhow, there is so much more coming to this site but this is just where I start again today. Coming soon also is mine and Mark's website Twin Flames 11:11 Assisting Humanity for exclusive info on the Twin Flame specific missions in assisting humanity as well.

Thank you so much and God Bless!


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